It is the duty of every Muslim to share the pure and beautiful message of Islam with others. One does not have to be a great speaker or scholar to do this. One does not have to be confrontational either. There are hundreds of ways to spread the message of Islam, and here are a few. Remember, we only have to deliver the message, it is Allah (SWT) who guides. We don't shove it down peoples throats or wave it continually in their faces, such approaches are a cause of harm, not good, to Islam. Here are some wonderful ways to spread the message in a friendly, and simple way which everyone, inshallah, can do. offers free downloadable brochures covering many topics of Islam, you can print them yourself or order them. This method is especially good to use to "break the ice" or start a conversation. is an online project which seeks to promote Islam. They offer many resources, as well, one can request a dawah CD free, which I have personally reviewed and found to be most beneficial.

YOUR LIFE. How you live says a lot about what you believe. Sometimes, just how you live is the greatest khutbah or lecture which can be given.


THIS WEBSITE! If you have someone who is curious about Islam, then share this site wit h them, invite them to the Friday Prayer, don't leave them wondering!


Inshallah, may Allah (SWT) grant guidance to us all, Ameen.


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