Bismallah ar Rahman ar Raheem,


My dear new sister or brother is Islam,


Congratulations on your coming to the truth of Islam!  Alhumdillah, it is wonderful, and a great blessing to have been guided by Allah (SWT) to the true path, and inshallah, may Allah (SWT) keep you on the straight path, ameen.

When I reverted to Islam, it was wonderful, but I was left wondering a little about what to do, how to pray, and where to go from there. I was happy to have been led to Islam, to be a Muslim, but what now? I knew I had to pray 5 times a day, but at what times? And in what way? And what was Wudhu? What about relationships with the opposite sex? What am I allowed to eat, I knew no pork, but what about alcohol? And on and on and on. Alhumdillah, I made wonderful Muslim friends, who taught and helped me, as well as found many wonderful and legitimate resources on the internet to help me out. And I wish to share all of that with you, so that you are not left "in the dark " on the olbigations of Islam.That is why I have created this page, so that those who are new to the deen of Islam can have resources which they can use to further their knowledge, and become better aqquainted with this beautiful way of life. Please utilize these resources, they are good, and come from good scholarship within Islam.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, at As well, please frequent Jummah prayer, and get to know your brothers and sisters in Islam, who, inshallah, will be able to help you as well.

May you find Islam to be as beautiful and wonderful as we all do, and may Allah keep you on the straight path, Ameen!


Your Brother in Islam,

Bro. Richard


It is hard to know something that you do not know. I strongly suggest, for those who are new and those who are not, but wish to brush up on the basics, registering for free courses at The Islamic Online University, an online academy put together and operated by Sh. Bilal Phillips, a renowend scholar of Islam.

I am taking the Basics of Islam Course, which I have found to be beneficial and very in depth. Inshallah, it shall be beneficial for you as well. Just be aware, for diploma/certificates you must submit many, many essays, some over 2000 words with full bibliographies. So it is not the place to go for a quick brush up.

Bro. Abdullah 

the_ideal_muslim[1].pdf the_ideal_muslim[1].pdf
Size : 1156.097 Kb
Type : pdf
the_ideal_muslimah[1].pdf the_ideal_muslimah[1].pdf
Size : 1530.834 Kb
Type : pdf
GuidetoHalalFoods[1].pdf GuidetoHalalFoods[1].pdf
Size : 530.647 Kb
Type : pdf
A guide for the new muslim.pdf A guide for the new muslim.pdf
Size : 1344.282 Kb
Type : pdf
sayings_of_the_prophet[1].pdf sayings_of_the_prophet[1].pdf
Size : 51.647 Kb
Type : pdf
en_Riyad-us-Saliheen[1].pdf en_Riyad-us-Saliheen[1].pdf
Size : 5349.687 Kb
Type : pdf
Islamic Studies One.pdf Islamic Studies One.pdf
Size : 3406.888 Kb
Type : pdf
islam explained.pdf islam explained.pdf
Size : 2347.306 Kb
Type : pdf
sahih_bukhari[1].pdf sahih_bukhari[1].pdf
Size : 2667.705 Kb
Type : pdf
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