Ok, so you have heard the talk about Islam.  All you know is that it is held by some that it is a religion of violence, of backwardness, something that just "isnt American." But it's al over the news, on every politicians mouth, and your tired of hearing other people talk about it and want to make up your own mind. So you searched a little online and surprise! Seems there is a small community of "them muslims" right in your own town of Easton!

Now, for some, the first reaction will be " Is the government aware that these muslims are here?! The answer is yes. In fact, some of us work for the government or state, so, surprise!

For others, well, you may want to learn more, but not be up to actually visiting the Mosque. You just want to know what we think, believe, etc.

For both of you, let me say congratulations. You have taken a very important step in your lives. Regardless of whether or not you convert to Islam, you have decided to not believe what other people tell you, and find out for yourselves. And I applaud you for it, regardless of what you may think after.

For your benefit, I have placed some files here, very simple, very concise, which explain in a very basic way what Islam is, what we believe. It is my sincerest hope that you look through them and make up your own mind about Islam. If you would like to visit the Mosque, or talk to a Muslim, please contact me at mdmuslim1@yahoo.com. I would be more than happy to put you in touch with either a brother or sister, depending on your gender. (Yes, in Islam, Brothers stick to Brothers, Sisters stick to Sisters.) As well I have included a 5 minute YouTube video which explains the basics of Islam very nicely.

Wa Salaam,

Bro. Abdullah. 

DiscoverIslam.pdf DiscoverIslam.pdf
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Type : pdf
what_everyone.pdf what_everyone.pdf
Size : 935.16 Kb
Type : pdf
the_true_religion_of_god.pdf the_true_religion_of_god.pdf
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Type : pdf

 Now, of course, we are biased. We are Muslims, we believe in Allah (SWT), his messenger Muhammad (SWS), and in all of the prophets, books, angels, the day of judgment, the hereafter, and that God has destined us to be where we are going to be (a concept called Qadir.) So we may not be completely "objective." But we are sincere, and we won't push our beliefs on you or anyone. ( No Billy Grahams in Islam.) We present our beliefs, the message of the oneness of God, and the rest is on you.  May God bless you in your searching, and thank you for your interest in our religion!


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