The Islamic Society of Easton would like to announce that salatul taraweeh begins on Wednesday 17th day of June, 2015 immediately following Isha prayers @ 10 PM. We are also pleased to have Hafiz Ziya from salisbury.

May Allah Guide us to the right path and safe us from the torment fire . Ameen

Jazakumullahu khairan.

Easton MD United States of America - USA Ramadan 2015 (Ramazan) Prayer Times, Qiblah, Mosques (Masjids), Islamic Centers, Organizations and Muslim Owned Businesses, Athan Azan Adhan Salah Salat Mobile Cell Software worldwide.
Ramadan 2015 / 1436 Prayer Times Schedule
Month: 9/1436, 6-7 / 2015 C.E
Location: Easton, MD 21601, USA
Calculation Method: North America
Juristic Method: Standard
DayRamadan GregorianFajrSunrise
Dhuhr  AsrMaghribIsha
  Wed117/064:175:471:10  5:058:3210:04
  Thu218/064:175:481:10  5:058:3110:03
  Fri319/064:185:481:10  5:068:3110:02
  Sat420/064:195:491:11  5:068:3110:02
  Sun521/064:205:501:11  5:068:3010:01
  Mon622/064:215:511:11  5:068:3010:00
  Tue723/064:225:511:11  5:068:299:59
  Wed824/064:235:521:11  5:058:289:58
  Thu925/064:245:531:11  5:058:289:58
  Fri1026/064:265:541:11  5:058:279:57
  Sat1127/064:275:541:11  5:058:279:56
  Sun1228/064:285:551:11  5:058:269:55
  Mon1329/064:295:561:11  5:058:259:54
  Tue1430/064:305:571:11  5:058:249:53
  Wed1501/074:315:581:11  5:058:249:51
  Thu1602/074:325:581:11  5:058:239:50
  Fri1703/074:345:591:11  5:048:229:49
  Sat1804/074:356:001:11  5:048:219:48
  Sun1905/074:366:011:11  5:048:209:47
  Mon2006/074:376:021:11  5:048:199:45
  Tue2107/074:386:031:11  5:048:189:44
  Wed2208/074:406:031:11  5:038:179:43
  Thu2309/074:416:041:11  5:038:169:42
  Fri2410/074:426:051:11  5:038:159:40
  Sat2511/074:436:061:11  5:028:149:39
  Sun2612/074:446:071:11  5:028:139:37
  Mon2713/074:466:081:11  5:028:129:36
  Tue2814/074:476:091:11  5:018:119:35
  Wed2915/074:486:101:11  5:018:109:33
  Thu3016/074:496:111:11  5:008:099:32

Note 1: Fajr means both Fajr Athan (Azan) and Imsak (starting fast) and Maghrib means both Maghrib Athan (Azan) and Iftar (breaking fast).
Note 2: Ramadan starting date is according to Makkah.
Note: Download FREE Athan (Azan) software for Computers, Laptop, and Mobile/Cell Phones at website. Hear Automatic Athan (Azan) on every prayer time. Qiblah direction, Hijri Islamic Calendar, Prayer Times for 6 Million cities worldwide.

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