Assalam alaykum and Ramazan Mubarak. The Islamic Society of Easton welcomes all the Muslims of the Eastern Shore to join us for salatul Taraweh  everyday at 10 P.M. Hafiz Ziya sahab is leading Taraweh.

InshaAllah. Jazakumullah Khairan.


The Islamic Society of Easton MD is a small community of Muslims which lives on the Mid Eastern Shore of Maryland. We have, after many years, finally established a masjid by the grace of Allah (SWT). As well, through the grace of Allah (SWT) as well as the effort of some of our brothers and sisters, we now have official 501(3) C status, as well as full zoning! Alhumdillah, what so many of us have dreamed and prayed for for so long has come to pass. We would like to thank everyone for their dua'a and help as we went through this trying time.
We exist to worship Allah (SWT), and to help each other. If you have any questions about Islam, or would like to come by, please contact us via the site email inshallah.


Assalam Alykium and Welcome to our Site!


ISLAM : The name conjures in some intense fear and antagonism, in others images of deserts and men in robes. With all of the talk on the television and in the news about Islam, aren't you curious to find out what it actually is for yourself?

We have uploaded many, many resources for both the Muslim and the Curious Non Muslim on this site. Please feel free to take advantage of all of these resources to broaden your understanding of the beautiful, fulfilling, and righteous path of Islam.

 If you havent been by for a while, come check us out! We have done many upgrades to the facility as we have sought zoning status, and the masjid, alhumdillah, is beautiful! We have carpet, dividers, repainted the walls, extensive work done to the back rooms and bathrooms, it is beautiful! Thank you to everyone who helped, and supported us! More to come in the future, inshallah!

Phone: 410) 829 7924

Mr. Abul  Siddiqui

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