We are just starting out, alhumdillah! We have a rented hall, and offer the regular services one expects at a masjid. This community up to this time had been meeting in homes, garages, and wherever we could, until the door was opened for us to have our own prayer hall. Our long term goal, in'shallah, is to build a proper masjid in the Easton area.  Brother Usman, Anis, Abid, Abdul Haq, Mohammad Hyatt and Imran Darr, as well as Brother Siddiqui, have worked hard for the cause of Allah in running and maintaining this community. We have extensively upgraded the masjid, and are always seeking to help our community.  Why don't you stop by, and see what we are all about inshallah?

The Eastern Shore is a big place, bigger than most people realize. And in todays society, most us us have to fit Jummah into our lunch breaks, which can be a problem when one works in Easton, Queen Anne, Trappe, etc., and the nearest masjid is in Salisbury. Where there is a Muslim Community, there is supposed to be a meeting place, a masjid for the community to come together for the daily prayers, Jummah, Eid, to learn and to discuss, etc. That is what we are doing right here, in Easton MD, by the grace of Allah (SWT). If you are local, visiting, or just want to know what Islam is about, please do not hesitate to come on by on Friday. Jummah prayer usually starts at 115pm, ends usually around 2pm inshallah. So come by! 

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